Peter Larsson, Erik Arnberg, Thomas Liljekvist, Johan Hjelm, Robert Jansson

During the slow incoming spring in May 2016 these gentlemen gathered in a small
cottage located in the middle of the forest a couple of miles outside their
residence in Dalecarlia, Sweden. Their goal was to put 11 songs on tape, live
and raw, over two austere days. And it succeeded. With total concentration and
focus together with some canned food everything went very smoothly. Without
having seen the light for 48 hours, they left the lonely village with 11 fresh
power pop tracks. Although spring is often associated with flowers and birds
chirping, it’s very dark and gloomy in Sweden during this time of year – the
album title Noir felt close and self written. But the material also had gotten
into a different direction. Immediately after the members had started working on
the album, some time before the recording, they felt that after all the years
together they had grown as a band and the songs followed them in the right
direction into a stronger and, at this time, darker environment – Noir is
certainly a band album in the truest sense. Everything from the most bombastic
direct numbers – Tribulation, Light up dark, Candy Donamara – to the darker ones,
like the hard hitting opener Bird of the night and Chemicals – is indeed
collaborations between the members. Compared to its predecessor, Blockbuster,
this album is more coherent than just a collection of songs that the band had
at the moment. And because of that the groundwork on the album consistently is
based on a close cooperation within the band the songs will clearly grow bigger
and even better on stage.