It’s been a pleasure!

The tour has now come to an end. We really had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to get back to you.
Thank all of you who showed up to the shows. Thank all of you who supported us by buying merchandise. Thank you to all of the promoters and crews at the venues. Last but truly not least, a very big THANK YOU to Millencolin and their crew and same goes for Apologies, I Have None and their crew.

Next up is…
30/10 – Linköping, The Crypt
31/10 – Häng Bar, Malmö

Stay wild!

A little help from our friends

Hello our beloved fans! We’d like to get some help from you boys and girls.

In October we’re going on tour with the mighty Millencolin in Germany and we have a date to fill. October 10th to be exact. So if you can hook us up with a gig or know someone who can (preferably in the northern parts of Germany), please check with him or her and let them contact us at or on Facebook.

Please share this with your friends to help us even more!

Thank you!

October tour with Millencolin!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re going to hook up and support the punk rock heroes in Millencolin during their tour in October. This will be a great one!
Make sure to secure a ticket to one (or why not a couple?) of these lucid and blockbusting nights.

9/10 ~ Hannover, Germany ~ Faust
11/10 ~ Hamburg, Germany ~ Markthalle Hamburg
12/10 ~ Bremen, Germany ~ Schlachthof
13/10 ~ Wiesbaden, Germany ~ Schlachthof e.v.
14/10 ~ Antwerpen, Belgium ~ Muziekcentrum Trix
15/10 ~ Bodolz, Germany ~ Club Vaudeville Lindau e.v.
16/10 ~ Solothurn, Switzerland ~ Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
17/10 ~ Chur, Switzerland ~ Palazzo

For further information – Visit our Facebook page

The TSW Super Mega Bundle

Right now we have a nice competition going on on our Facebook page!
GO THERE and participate to get a chance to win The TSW Super Mega Bundle – Blockbuster album (CD or vinyl), Passenger 7”, t-shirt (TSW logo on black or red shirt) and shopping bag (black, blue, orange, green or brown).
We’ll contact and reveal the winner in a few days!